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Encouraging our youth to be the prevention and not the recovery to their childhood.

Head Start University has a mission to encourage our youth to be the prevention and not the recovery to their childhood. This 12 week program is designed to teach kids ages 10 to 18 life skills that they can apply to their everyday life. Our goal is to put these kids in a position to win early in life. We want to build them up rather than having to fix them later on. The program meets once a week via skype, or in person depending on your location. During that engagement the kids have a paltform to express any issues, concerns or question that they may have and get taught the life skill of that the day through information, engagement and activities. The following topics will be covered in our next launch.

Week One -intro meet with everyone who is attending the program from kids to parents to anyone interested in HSU (Program Expectations)
Week 2- Self Love/Self Care 
Self Esteem/Confidence Self Awareness 
Week 3- Gratitude, Forgiveness, Empathy
Week 4-Decisions: 
Negative Consequences Vs Positive Consequences 
Week 5-Communication, Relationships, Respect 
Week 6-Law of Attraction-thoughts, emotions, behaviors, energy and self image
Week 7-discipline, focus, work ethic, standards
Week 8-Money Management/Credit 
Week 9-Social Media, Leader Vs Follower, Music
week 10- Vision Board, Dreams Goals Passions
Week 11- Fun outting/Celebration
Week 12-Graduation

Any questions or interest for this program please send inquiry to: