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Jeremy Rodriguez is the Founder and Ceo of Inspired By Unity. This non profit organization has a mission to serve humanity in a positive way by influencing more peace, love and unity within families and communities all around the world. Jeremy and his team host free events throughout the year to provide entertainment and community engagement. These events give families something to look forward to and creates  opportunities for people to connect with other resources within their city.
Our team understands the importance of giving back so we budget %10 of any revenue that we generate through coaching, live events and fund raising so we can provide support to those in need. 
Annual Events Include:
-Easter Egg Hunt and Cookout with Cartoon Characters 
-Bullying Awareness Conference 
-End of the School Year Celebration 
(Cook Out, Activities and Games)
-Back to School Haircuts and backpack giveaway
-Indoor Trick or Treat and Festivities 
-Thanksgiving Dinner and Turkey Giveaways
-Picture with Santa Claus, gift giveaways and festivities 

If you are interested in donating anything to our Organization you can send an email to: @inspiredbyunity@gmail.com

Anything donated gets a tax write off and is put into an escro account until needed for a specific contribution! 
Thank you in advance!