Jeremy Rodriguez is a proud father, dedicated philanthropist and active community leader who devotes his time to strategically implementing his "Inspired By Unity" movement to foster positivity. The overall mission for this non-profit organization is to create more peace, love and unity among families and communities all around the world.

Jeremy's humble beginning is typically translated as hopeless, broken and challenging for most but for him it has been the horse power to his cause. "Growing up in Holyoke, Massachusetts with a dysfunctional family and in a high level crime environment was the best thing that could of happened to me. I was exposed to everything I knew I didn't want to become. I am forever grateful for that." Jeremy chose to be a victor and not a victim to his past! 

Jeremy's life work and passion towards humanity has led him to become a dynamic Inspirational Speaker and Master Life Coach. Whether he's impacting you directly at one of his electrifying live events or indirectly through one of his social media platforms, his message is clear and well received. Jeremy and his message has grown exponentially in the eyes of many as a "go to" source for daily inspiration, education and wisdom. Jeremy has presented to thousands of people all around the world, ranging anywhere from middle school aged children to corporate America. His impact on those he has reached has been truly profound. 

Jeremy's compassionate demeanor and raw, high energy approach allows him to connect with his audience on a deeper level than most. The results from his coaching and live presentations often lead people to live life with a renewed sense of clarity,  extreme enthusiasm and utmost gratitude! Jeremy's overall objective is to impact as many lives as possible in a positive way.