Youth mentorship program is designed to serve as a support system outside of the house hold. Being a father of 2 children Jeremy personally understands the challenges parents face to provide the best upbringing possible for your children. Having another caring adult that can hold your child accountable for their actions is detrimental to their life. 
How does this work?
Jeremy communicates with your child weekly via phone. They create attainable goals that keeps your child focus and engaged in productivity. This minimizes the chances of them getting distracted and making poor choices. Jeremy communicates with your child's teacher, supports milestone achievements and is always one message or phone call away if your child ever needs him. Having an emotional outlet allows yours child to feel safe, comfortable and free because they now have a platform to utilize when facing any type of adversity. This program is for members only and space is limited because Jeremy wants to make sure to be as effective as possible to every child. 
If you are interested in this program please send an inquiry to: